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Hi, I'm Lana Nelson and I'm excited to be running for Alpine School Board, District 4, representing Cedar Hills, Highland, Alpine and a portion of American Fork.

My areas of focus are:

1. Success for kids in the classroom.

2. Listen to and respect parent interests and choices for their children.

3. Listen to and support educators

4. Transparency between parents and educators.

I'm a strong advocate of local control and believe education should be a reflection of the values of the community members it serves. As the only District 4 candidate endorsed by the Utah County Republican Party, I strongly support the Utah Republican Party Platform on family values which says,

"We recognize the traditional family as the fundamental unit of society. We affirm that parents have the fundamental right and primary responsibility to direct the upbringing of their children and to provide nurturing care, discipline and training in moral values."

I've met so many community members at the many events I've attended this year, and I look forward to meeting many more of you in the upcoming weeks where I hope to earn your trust and support.

My Focus: Our Mission
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