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This is my position:

  • I am not in favor nor will I ever be in favor of mask mandates. 

  • The wearing of masks is a personal choice and one that should only be decided by the individual or the parent.

For current board members to now claim they were against the mask mandates, those statements are too little, too late, and they aren’t backed up by actions, statements or decisions made by the Board, including speaking out about parents being charged for protesting the mandates. I will continue to be an advocate against these types of mandates. 


In January 2022 the draft document that the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) Standards and Assessment Committee developed, “Gender Identity Guidance for Utah Public Education” was sent out for public comment. Because more than 20,000 comments were received, the Board decided to suspend movement on the document in April 2022 and designated it to the LEA’s (local education agency) to create a solution for their schools. 

This is my position:

  • I don’t believe that biological boys should be in restrooms or  locker rooms with biological girls.

  • I don’t believe biological boys should be able to compete in girls sports. 

  • I don’t believe biological boys should room with girls on overnight trips for school events.

  • I don’t believe that gender transitioning should be taught or discussed in school. 

  • Discussions concerning gender issues are personal in nature and are not appropriate for our schools and classrooms. .

  • I believe every student and child should be loved and treated with respect, and that these concepts should be our main focus.

  • I am in favor of strengthening our anti-bullying efforts.

Press Releases from USBE

State Board of Education Seeks Public Feedback on Gender Identity Guidance for Utah Schools

Statement on Gender Guidance Review Status

Read this Deseret News article, "State School Board shelves gender identity guidance, leaving schools to fend for themselves"


Parents have the primary responsibility of educating their children. The decisions made by school board members should reflect the parent population of the community they represent. 

My position:

  • I support parents as the primary stakeholders of their children’s education.

  • I value and respect parent choices for their children and feel parents should have options when it comes to educating their children.

  • Parents’ interests and concerns should be heard, respected, and responded to.

  • Parents are a critical part of the ongoing process of improving education for communities, and their contribution should always be an important part of each school board meeting.

  • I will never be in favor of locking parents out of school board meetings as our current board did.


We are fortunate in our district that the vast majority of our teachers are absolutely amazing and they should be compensated for that. We cannot let a few “bad apples” taint the image of our excellent educators. Teachers are professionals who are the key element in creating a stimulating learning environment for children. Their impact on children is powerful and unique. They can encourage academic learning and growth in fun, purposeful ways and this is best done when they are in the classroom teaching face to face.

My position:

  • I support educators and feel their ideas and suggestions should be sought out, considered and implemented.

  •  I support excellent pay for excellent teachers. 

  • I am not in favor of required trainings and meetings that remove the teacher from the classroom. Meetings that necessitate the use of personal time need to be re-examined and minimized.

  • I don’t support activist teachers or those who push social ideologies and personal interests.


Concerns over lack of transparency in curriculum to communication have generated distrust among parents and schools. 

My position:

  • Parents need to have access to what is being taught in their child’s classroom.

  • Parents need to be the first point of contact regarding any concerns a school or educator may have with their child. 

  • Student data needs to be protected and data mining needs to be thoroughly examined.

  • I will advocate for the protection of student privacy.


Critical Race Theory and other social ideologies are infiltrating our schools. These ideologies are damaging to our communities and to families as they are designed to define and divide students by introducing the concept that they should be ashamed of their race, or that they’re a victim because of their race. 

My position:

  • I don’t support the teaching of CRT in our schools and would work to have the curriculum examined and have these ideologies completely removed.

  • Schools are a place to focus on academics and the career progression of students.

  • Social issues and ideologies are topics of discussion that are not appropriate in our public schools.


Teaching and reading materials in school libraries and classrooms need to be age appropriate and should never include pornographic or indecent material as defined by Utah Code.

My position:

  • I support the enforcement of HB 374, Sensitive Materials in Schools, which prohibits pornographic or indecent instructional materials from school settings, including public school libraries, and requires Local Education Agencies (LEAs) to take feedback from parents on whether materials meet the appropriate standards. 

  • It is not censorship to remove explicit and obscene materials from the reach of minors.

  • Note: The Utah Education Association opposed HB 374 which makes me question their motives for doing so.

In May 2022 Utah House speaker, Brad Wilson, sent a letter to the Utah State Board of Education asking for enforcement of H.B. 374, which passed in this year’s legislative session.

The law prohibits pornographic or indecent instructional materials from school settings, including in public school libraries. It also requires local education agencies to take feedback from parents on whether materials meet the appropriate standards.

Watch this KUTV 2 News story, “Utah House Speaker asks state education leaders to enforce 'sensitive materials' law”

On June 2, 2022 Utah Attorney General Sean D. Reyes and his staff

issued its analysis in an Official Memorandum to the Utah State Board of Education regarding HB 374, which prohibits child access to pornography in schools.  

Here’s a link to the memorandum drafted by the Utah Attorney General and Utah Solicitor General that clarifies and supersedes any prior analysis on the matter provided by the AGO.

Utah Code defines “pornographic or indecent material” as anything harmful to minors, including “description or representation“ of nudity, sexual conduct, sexual excitement, or sadomasochistic abuse when “taken as a whole” does it have “serious, literary, artistic or scientific value to minors.”

Read this Deseret News article, "What you should know about the new law against pornographic books in your child’s school"


I believe in fiscal responsibility and the idea of working in creative ways to find new methods of doing more with less.

My position:

  • Examine and prioritize spending.

  • Create a plan for now and the future. Utah County will only continue to grow. How are we preparing?

  • The allocation of funds should be kept at a very local level and directed towards the classrooms where it can have the greatest impact on children’s learning.

  • Re-examine where funds are coming from and reconsider how those funds obligate us to potential commitments and decisions; decline funds that strip away freedoms and choice and the ability to represent the choices of our constituents. 

  • I would never vote for a pay increase that I would personally benefit from as our current board members did. I take the stewardship of taxpayer funds very seriously.

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