June 10, 2022 -
These are the Utah County Republican Party Education Endorsements. I'm very pleased to have the support of the Republican Party and know it is due to the diligence and efforts made by delegates to vet candidates.

Utah Conservatives Flyer_edited.jpg

June 6, 2022 -
I'm honored to be selected as one of the candidates chosen to be highlighted on this flyer, distributed to 500 homes this weekend by the group, Constitutional Conservatives of Utah County.


May 30, 2022 -
I'm so pleased to have the endorsement of Utah Parents United through their PAC, Utah Parents in Action. Thank you!
On the UPU website it states, "WE EXIST TO EDUCATE AND EMPOWER PARENTS IN UTAH TO ADVOCATE FOR THEIR CHILDREN." That's something I enthusiastically support!


April 9, 2022 -
At the Utah County Convention delegates had the opportunity to endorse school board candidates. In order to secure the endorsement I had to receive 60% of the vote from the delegates in my district. I'm deeply humbled to have received 65.8%. Your support continues to inspire me!


April 8, 2022 -
I'm honored to be recognized and endorsed by the Utah Freedom Coalition, and to be included among these notable candidates!