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Lana Nelson is a Utah native, Christian, and working professional. She and her husband, Mark, have three children in school, ages 5, 10 and 15. With her youngest child entering Kindergarten in the fall, Lana has a strong interest in being involved in the creation of future school policies that will ensure best academic outcomes for students. She feels her daily career skills which require data driven information to drive outcomes, will be a benefit to the school board.

Lana is interested in building and fostering transparent communication and relationships between parents and teachers and feels that decisions should be kept local and represent the community’s voice and values. Lana also supports teachers and feels that fiscal responsibility should include allocating funds to the classroom where it has the greatest impact on children. 

As a future board member, Lana is excited to present purposeful, creative solutions to resolve difficulties, work together with teachers, parents, board members and community, and to establish a vision and form supporting policies that target student achievement. She will work to re-examine school curriculum to remove unnecessary and harmful social ideologies and focus on core learning principles that are essential to future learning achievement.

Lana's volunteer experience includes time spent in her children’s school classrooms over the past 8 years; a community volunteer mountain bike race coordinator for youth races for 20 years, and she has served in various capacities with youth at her local church for 24 years.

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