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Hi, I'm Lana Nelson and I'm running for Alpine School Board District 4 to represent Alpine, Cedar Hills, Highland and part of American Fork. As the only Republican Party endorsed candidate for District 4, I strongly support the Republican platform because it aligns with my personal values and principles.

"A well-educated and informed citizenry is essential to the long-term well being of a free society. The primary responsibility for education rests with the student and the family. Parents have the right to choose whether a child is educated in private, public or home schools and government should not infringe on that right. To promote excellence, consumer choice in education should be encouraged. Schools or other government entities should not invade the privacy of parents or their children. We favor local accountability and control in all aspects of the education system. Public schools should abstain from teaching promiscuity in any form."

Utah County Republican Party Platform EDUCATION section

These seem like very common sense statements to me that aim to help strengthen families, secure the best learning environment for children, keep decisions local, limit government, and ensure moral academic content.

This is what I want for my children and all children.

I look forward to meeting many more of you and working together towards a bright future for our children.

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"Nobody can do everything but everyone can do something."


I'm grateful for my supporters! Each dollar donated makes it possible for me to reach more people and win their vote. Your contribution has the singular purpose of creating a brighter future for our children! Thank you!


 If you're interested in helping, let's talk to see how you can! Volunteers can place yard signs, host cottage meetings, call voters, and talk to their neighbors about my campaign.

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Let us know if you'd like a yard sign delivered to your home!

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